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The mission statement of Retirement Thru Design started 14 years ago. As a result of spending many years at America’s top rated firms, I came to the sad reality that sometimes getting the real facts vs. a lot of financial double talk was close to impossible. Personally, I am very disappointed at how the financial community has allowed Seniors to be fleeced of 40% of their lifetime savings by putting their earnings and bottom line in front of their fiduciary responsibilities.

This behavior vaporized close to 1/2 trillion dollars of hard earned assets. It became a tragic reality that the individual investor in 2008 was caught up a modern replay of the Emperor’s new clothes.

Perhaps a little 5th-grade math. When you lose 50%, You need HOW MUCH to BREAK EVEN? No, not 50% but 100%!

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Our 24/7 Customer Service support team will be more than glad look into your needs and provide you proper instructions on how to avail of our services. Here at Retirement Thru Design we are guiding you with safe, pure solutions designed to help you meet your financial goals, not ours.

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