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A person in your situation, close to or already in retirement should have very different goals than someone who is still in their wealth building and accumulation years. And to that end you need a strategy in place that guarantees you safe, consistent, guaranteed income for the REST of your LIFE! If you allow me to educate you as to what MILLIONS of Americans are doing in light of disappearing pensions combined with a volatile stock market, you will never look at your current plan the same!
I GUARANTEE IT! They have found what I call The "GOLD STANDARD" In the world of Retirement Plan's.
You will learn the annuity definition, as well as what is an annuity.  Study and weigh annuities pros and cons, and the difference between the various types of annuities, including the hybrid annuity, fixed indexed annuity, variable annuity, and fixed annuity. Use our annuity calculator to find the best annuity rates, and determine what life insurance and long term care are right for you. Senior Alert - If you live in Los Angeles or other areas of Southern California you will want to check out our program now and see how it benefits you and your plans for the future.  We are confident you will find a solution that meets your needs, and learn what works and what doesn't work.
Imagine a plan that can Guarantee you never outlive your private pension along with the potential to participate in Market like returns with absolutely No RISK!
While working with Retirement Thru Design you will learn how to:
* Avoid the seven deadly Sins of Retirement Income Planning and retire with 100% confidence!
* Utilize a New family of Guaranteed Insurance Contracts can offer you more benefits than a traditional pension.
* Lock-In gains from the stock market without ever risking a PENNY
* Avoid Reverse dollar cost averaging and how it can destroy your retirement plan
* Determine if you are working with a Retirement Planning Specialist instead of the traditional general practitioner
   "financial professional"
* Create Guaranteed Lifetime Income WITHOUT losing control of your money! 


Blair is a member of the National Ethics Association.

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